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  1. We purchased a chocolate Labrador puppy from Dunrite Kennel in 2020/2021. The puppy was prefect the process was also very detailed with puppy package, puppy food for transition, and clean a puppy. I will be back for another puppy. See you soon for a yellow. ❤️ The Björn’s.

  2. I love my pup. got mine before Thanksgiving. she is so smart and already is potty trained. she is healthy and growing very fast.

  3. We purchased our beautiful AKC registered female German Shepherd in June of 2021 and named her Fraulein Skye Valkyrie. She is the best investment we have ever made. She is an excellent companion and very protective of us. She is one of a kind. She was born April 7th, 2021. We are so proud of her. People admire her wherever we go. Thank you for such a great blessing.

  4. We purchased our Chocolate lab her name is Kona from this amazing kennel in January 2018 .Myong the Kennel owner does an incredible job of raising these beautiful dogs .She kept in constant contact with Dennis and I as our little puppy was getting ready to leave her North Pole family to come to our home .Myong would send us photos of her and her family of dogs .She takes good care of her dogs .She arranged the transport with a very nice gentleman who owned a heated van that can carry little dogs all the way from the North Pole to Anchorage .He treated the dogs he transported like his own .She sent a package with information on required vaccinations,Registration requirements and some dog food for her journey .We we’re so delighted to finally see Kona and I could tell how well she takes care of her animals .Our Vet who we have had for over 14 years for our other chocolate lab was impressed with how well Kona was at 12 weeks .Kona is 5 years old now and a bundle of energy .We have had a lot of People ask us where we got her from as she is a Beauty .I will always refer this kennel to anyone looking for a puppy who has been well bred .Thankyou Myong for all you do .Trish

  5. We were told of Dunrite kennels from a friend in Fairbanks, who said it is a must to get our next German Shepherd from here. He had just gotten a beautiful German Shepherd puppy a few months earlier and was full of praise in everyway. I was hesitant as I have rescued 9 purebred, female Shepherds in the past, and have never gotten from a kennel. With no rescues to be found, we traveled up to North Pole to take a look. Immediately, we were so impressed! We felt the love and care for each and every puppy and adults there! It was so clean! The kennels were large and the litters well taken care of. We immediately knew that this was a top rated kennel.
    Of course, we picked out little “Kiana” and went back again a month later to get her. Once again, we are so impressed with the love and care each and every dog gets there. Myong has been so very helpful in everyway. She loves hearing how Kiana is doing as she still cares that her puppies go to good homes. Her care never ends!
    I would only recommend Dunrite Kennel to anyone looking for a well bred, healthy, beautiful, and loved puppy. We are still so impressed with the beauty we got, as her strong blood line shows everyday!
    Thank you Myong, for all you do in making a top notch kennel! We love our Kiana so much!

  6. We bought a yellow lab from Myong in 2020 after or previous lab passed away after 12 yrs, (which was also purchased from Myong) we are pleased to say our second lab from this kennel is in keeping with the qaulity we received from our first lab. You just can’t go wrong getting your dog/ pet from this kennel, and the obvious care and dedication to the breeds she raises. Thank you again!

  7. Our family got a beautiful male German shepherd puppy from dunrite kennel. He came clean and healthy and well loved. You could tell she really loves her animals she gave him multiple hugs before we took him home. He’s been such a great healthy boy. He just turned 1 a few months ago and he’s just a gorgeous GSD. We get asked all the time where we got him from. Highly recommend this kennel.

  8. We got our male from Myong, I was reluctant on getting one from within state but I have to say, we couldn’t be happier with our boy. She knows her stuff! She keeps an immaculate kennel and all of her dogs are healthy happy and well cared for. She’s always available to help anyone and truly cares for each and every one of her pups.

  9. I purchased a chocolate lab from her on Christmas 2023 and the dog was updated on the vaccines and was great help with my questions as a first time dog mom. My puppy was already potty trained through a doggy door which was a HUGE help. I’m very happy with my newest addition to my family and two daughters love him so so much. He is great with kids, great with other people and great around other dogs. Highly recommended getting your newest 4 paw family member being purchased from her🩷

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